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The "golden rule" is at the ♥ of all we do.

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About Us

We’re champions for those who need a champion. Through media, events and fundraising, we bring succor to the powerless and catalyze the efforts of those endeavoring to elevate their own circumstances while contributing to the greater good. We use all available resources to clear a path for people who lack the means and advocacy to achieve their vision or meet their needs.

Our History

Over the course of our evolution, UGCN has grown from a simple advocacy group for users working to make a living with their creative digital content, to a network of organizations and individuals empathetic to understanding and helping others overcome challenges to improve their circumstances, achieve their goals and reach their true potential.

Our Vision

Filled with gratitude for the abundance in our own lives, we’re now in a position to pay it forward so that others can benefit from our experience, influence and resources. We envision a perpetually expanding network of influential and compassionate people and organizations, utilizing our own prosperity and blessings to champion and bless others.

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